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Stacked Positivity

black and white floral PET TAPE - 150cm NEW RELEASE

black and white floral PET TAPE - 150cm NEW RELEASE

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This 150cm PET tape is a must-have for all the junk journaling enthusiasts out there. With its black and white theme, it adds a vintage touch to your projects, making them stand out.

  • High-quality Material: Made of PET material, this tape is durable and ensures long-lasting use.
  • Generous Length: With a length of 150cm, you can use this tape to decorate multiple pages in your journal without worrying about running out.

The black and white theme of this tape makes it perfect for creating contrasting effects on your pages. You can use it to highlight important sections or as a decorative element to enhance the overall look of your project.

Incorporate this versatile PET tape in all your junk journaling projects and let it add its charm to them!

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